I have known Jacqueline for over 20 years. She has come to my house and given readings to my friends and myself. She’s also explained to a small group about meditation.
A work colleague has had readings done before with different people and has always been disappointed. She had a reading done by Jacqueline and was so pleased she came out and said to me that nobody had ever read her so accurately, Jacqueline was correct on all the information she gave, and everything is still happening as she was told.
I would highly recommend her.
— Belinda, Somerset

Jacqueline is the real deal!
She walks her talk and comes from a place of authenticity, which makes it very easy to connect with her.
Jacqueline’s groups have really helped my friends and I transform, making shifts where we felt stuck.
Thanks Jacqueline for being a positive light in my life and for helping me tap into my inner knowing to be the empowered woman I am today.
— Heidi, Minnesota

I used to go most weeks to Jacqueline’s class. She is a fantastic teacher and I learnt and awful lot. I miss not going now because, not only did she make lessons easy to understand, she also made them fun and exciting for us all.
Each week she had a variety of things for us to do and learn and we overcame personal challenges.
I will never forget our lessons and a great inspirational person called Jacqueline.
— Dawn, Devon

My first meeting with Jacqueline was when my daughter Dinja booked a reading for herself and her friend and wanted me to be present.
The click with Jacqueline was a warm and lovely embrace of positivity and understanding. We have grown in becoming good friends and hope this will stay for a very long time.
I refer a lot of people to Jacqueline because her approach is kind without clock watching ... she always takes her time until you’re happy and understand it all.
Also her life coaching skills are encouraging and uplifting.
— Editha, Dorset

I met Jacqueline a few years ago after a friend gave me her phone number. I had recently lost my Dad and was finding the grief overwhelming at times.
On my first visit to see Jacqueline she made me feel very welcome and at ease straightaway. We talked for a while and then she told me something that no-one else would have known about my Dad which was wishing I had been his real daughter and not just a step-daughter - he had married my Mum when I was a year old.
The next thing Jacqueline said was to thank me for something I had done at his funeral. Many years ago he had asked me to play the Harry Lime theme at his funeral, which I had done.
To me that time I spent with Jacqueline was very precious as I had been very close to my Dad.
I have also made contact with my son and with my granddaughter, who passed away at birth.
I had never been to a Medium before but the time spent with Jacqueline has opened my eyes to know that when a person dies they are still with you.
Jacqueline is a very special lady with a unique talent and I am glad to now be her friend.
— Judy, Somerset

Everything has a reason!
After the death of my daughter (she had lung cancer and for three years she done everything she could but she lost the battle at 35 years old), I dropped my world and I could not give her a spot.
But then I came into contact with Jacqueline and she taught me how to deal with this and to feel and see the things my daughter sends me. She answered questions that I had not yet discussed with her but with my daughter. It helped me tremendously in my grief and I am sure that I can always rely on her to help me furthermore.
Thank you very much for everything you have done for me Jacqueline.
— Ank, Netherlands

I have participated in Jacqueline’s development groups and have found the experiences really helpful in enabling me to be confident about working with various forms of spiritual work.
Jacqueline is a friendly and encouraging tutor who provides a safe environment for you to progress and connect with like minded people.
— Julia, Somerset

I thoroughly enjoyed Jacqueline’s psychic development class. It was a new experience for me so I was a bit nervous about it. She did a wonderful job at making us all feel at ease, leading the session and taking plenty of time with each participant.
I would definitely do this again.
— Monica, Minnesota