I believe events in everyone’s life happens for a reason and when the time is right for each of us.

My name is Jacqueline and I welcome you to my website. I am a qualified massage therapist, reflexologist and reiki master, and have worked with many people over the years combining these skills. But how did I get started on my spiritual journey?

Although I maybe didn’t realise it at first, spirit have always been around me and showed me some of the ways they worked through members of my family - my nan would read the tea leaves and my uncle was a healer and channeled spirit.

My mum bought me my first set of tarot cards when I was 13 years old. They had always fascinated me and I felt very honoured to actually own my own deck. Although I didn’t really understand them at the time, I felt very drawn and connected to them, and experienced a sense of comfort when I was using them.

It was in the year 2000 when I really found spirit, or I should say spirit gained my attention. I had been at a very low point in my life for a number of years and I eventually decided to do something about it. So I turned my life upside down and started searching for happiness, a belief in myself and something new to focus on which could help create this.

A Mind, Body and Spirit event gave me just what I needed and a lady called Lynn opened the first door for me. I joined her beginners circle and learned a lot from her over a number of years.

In 2003, after being asked for many months to teach people all I knew about spirit, I felt guided by spirit and ready to give teaching a go and the following Monday night I held my first psychic development group with six people.

Since then I have worked with spirit in many ways such as doing private readings to help people connect to their loved ones who are in spirit and to guide others through obstacles in their life. I have also performed many psychic demonstrations to various audiences and led some spiritual church services.

When I gave spirit the reins to lead me along my spiritual path I trusted them completely and still do to this day.

The things I teach are my thoughts and beliefs which I have acquired along my spiritual path. I do not say that they are the only way or the correct way to do things. Other people may have their own ideas and even yourself. I do believe though, that there are no right or wrong ways to do things, as long as you are not hurting others, so if it feels right for you then it is right.

Stay true to yourself and your journey with spirit.

Follow that dream