The readings, whether written or spoken, are given to you as spirit give them to me. If, for whatever reason, you cannot make sense of the message, you may need to make enquiries from the people around you, as I cannot take it back or change it. The messages are what spirit want you to hear and sometimes we may not be open to that and that’s when we dismiss things. Some messages may not make sense in the moment but will become clear as time passes.

General Reading by Email - $20

A reading covering your life in general giving you a short insight to how you are feeling and which areas spirit feel you may need direction with.

Reading Online -

$25 for 30 minutes

$45 for 60 minutes

A reading covering your life in general using an online video call, where you can ask questions as we go.

One Question Email - $15

If you have a specific area or problem in your life, it is sometimes better to get straight to the point and ask about it. Here you can do that.  

Reflexology plus a Spiritual Reading - $40 for 30 minutes

Enjoy a relaxing reflexology session while I connect with you for a spiritual reading. Reflexology involves a relaxing foot massage as well as working certain pressure points on the feet, which can help to relieve stress and tension and give an overall sense of wellbeing. In the reading I will connect with spirit and give you any messages I receive, aimed at giving you clarity and guidance in your everyday life.


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